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by admin / on 13 August, 2022

Television Wardrobes

Television Wardrobes Ian Carter – Fitter | Alterations | Construction
by admin / on 6 August, 2022

Film Wardrobes

For decades, Ian Carter has fitted, altered, and/or custom-made wardrobes for numerous film and movie sets. This photo features a top and jacket made by Ian Carter and worn by actress Elle Lorraine in Hulu’s 2020 Horror movie, Bad Hair.
by admin / on 19 July, 2022

Vintage Recreations

Vintage Recreations Ian Carter Designs specializes in Vintage recreations of costumes or attire for film and television sets.
by admin / on 19 July, 2022


Fittings As a tailor-cutter and overall clothing designer, Ian Carter Designs has done numerous fittings and altered, or custom-made wardrobes for everyday persons as well as A-list celebrities, and entertainers.
by admin / on 19 July, 2022

Specialty Costumes

Specialty Costumes For almost two decades, Ian Carter has designed and constructed intricate, elaborate costumes for film and television sets and for Tom Joyner and his team to display on his annual Fantastic Voyage Cruise. This photo features radio personality Tom Joyner and his